DATS: The Digital Asset Taxonomy System for Institutional Investors

The most comprehensive classification system designed specifically
for the evolving needs of institutional investors

Digital Assets Framework
Designed from the bottom up to capture the nuances of the digital landscape. DATS concentrates on giving digital asset investment managers the most practical application by first focusing on the asset - then moving up to the sector level.
DATS Supersectors & Sectors     _____
Comprehensive Taxonomy
A comprehensive taxonomy that classifies assets into three resolution tiers: Two Supersectors, 10 Sectors and 42 Subsectors based on use case and underlying technology, as well as themes that go across subsectors.
Explore a range of digital asset themes aimed at empowering institutional investors to identify digital asset opportunities and risks.
Environmentally Focused
Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Automated Market Maker (AMM)
Asset Management
Lending & Borrowing
Prediction Markets
Yield Aggregator

Who WE are

How can investors use DATS in their investment management operations?

Traditional and digital-native asset owners, product issuers, custodians and research service providers can license DATS for the same purposes as they would when adopting an equity or fixed income classification system:

Developing digital asset investment strategies and risk policies

Issuing index-linked products based on sector-themed indexes

Conducting performance attribution

Constructing custom digital asset portfolios


A robust sector taxonomy that covers the full universe of assets you are managing is essential for any institutional-grade risk system.

Kyle Downey, CEO Cloudwall


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