Governed by an Independent Digital Asset Advisory Group Employing a Rigorous Process

The Advisory Group brings together the top digital asset practitioners in the world to ensure full transparency into classification decision as the market continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Digital Assets Advisory Group LEADERSHIP
Founding Partner,
Motive Partners
Lady Rosemary Leith Berners-Lee, Deputy Co-Chair
Founding Director, World Wide Web Foundation
Doug Schwenk, Deputy Co-Chair
CEO, Digital Asset Research (DAR)
Mark Makepeace, Host
Chief Executive Officer, Wilshire Indexes

Who WE are

Our mission is to help institutional investors navigate digital assets alongside traditional assets

DATS routinely classifies the top 1,000 digital assets by market capitalization at the end of each quarter.

DATS classifies 1,658 digital assets, the broadest coverage in the market, to enable traditional and digital-native financial institutions to perform sector-based performance attribution, assess sector themes and construct custom portfolios.

Governance Process

Each classified asset undergoes an in-depth review that is focused on its use case and features to determine its placement in the Taxonomy System and any applicable Taxonomy Themes. The process by expert analysts includes a 360-degree token review.

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